What is Computational Thinking?

With over 15,000 downloads between my TES and TPT stores, this is my most popular poster! Download now and see for yourself!

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Computational Thinking Classroom Ideas

My most popular twitter poster includes a huge range of cross curricular activities to develop the concepts of Computational Thinking.

21card trick.png

The 21 Card Magic Trick Algorithm

Use algorithms to wow your friends with this fun card trick!


Computer Science Quick Reference Poster

Another highly popular resource, this poster includes summary information on computer science keywords, the concepts of computational thinking and algorithm design (both flowchart and pseudocode).


What’s Inside a Computer?

A poster featuring the internal components of a computer. Aimed at KS3 students.

Tackling Exam Questions title.png

Using Computational Thinking to Solve Exam Questions

See how computational thinking can be applied to tricky exam questions, particularly long answer responses.

Tackling school projects title.png

Using Computational Thinking to Complete a Project

Use the components of computational thinking to tackle school projects!

vocabulary of computational thinking-title.fw.png

Understanding the Vocabulary of Computational Thinking

Computational thinking has some tricky words to understand. Help your students, both primary and secondary understand the concepts with this handy poster!

Writing Flowchart Algorithms-title.fw.png

How to Write Flowchart Algorithms

An explanation of the key symbols used to write flowchart algorithms. Suitable for all ages 11+

8bit sprite creation in excel-title.fw.png

Create 8 Bit Style Graphics with Excel

A cool little technique I use to create a great graphic effect! Ideal for the creation of computer game graphics!

impact of DT on society posterTitle.fw.png

The Impact of Digital Technology on Society

An informative poster full of social, cultural, political and environmental considerations. Ideal for AQA GCSE Computer Science.


Computer Systems

A comprehensive look into computer systems which includes a summary of all topics covered within the AQA GCSE Computer Science course.

pseudo code poster-AQAtitle.fw.png

Understanding AQA Pseudocode

A poster which includes all the key pseudocode elements specific to the AQA GCSE Computer Science Specification.

Understanding Edexcel Pseudocode

A poster which includes all the key pseudocode elements specific to the Edexcel GCSE Computer Science Specification.

CT in music-title.jpg

Computational Thinking in Music

Check out all the ways computational thinking can be integrated within music!

CT in drama-title.jpg

Computational Thinking in Drama

Didn’t think computational thinking applied to drama? Think again! Download today to find out how!

CT in music art and drama-title.jpg

Computational Thinking in Art

Art is full of computational thinking activities! Download today to find out for yourself!

Application of Computational Thinking in PE-title.png

Computational Thinking in PE

Find out how computational thinking can be applied within physical education with this highly regarded poster!

CT and DCF-title.jpg

Computational Thinking and the DCF

Alongside literacy and numeracy, schools in Wales now deliver the Digital Competence Framework. Find out how computational thinking underpins all concepts of the DCF by downloading this poster.

Computational Thinking in Humanities Subjects

Find out how computational thinking can be applied within History, Geography and Philosophy & Religious Studies!

effective feedback-title.png

Effective Feedback

Suitable for all subjects across the curriculum, this student friendly poster is an ideal tool to guide students in how to both provide and utilise feedback effectively.

Application of Computational Thinking title.png

Computational Thinking and Game Programming

Convert classic games such as rock-paper-scissors and noughts & crosses (tic-tac-toe) by following the computational thinking problem solving process!

Blooms Taxonomy and Computational Thinking Title.fw.png

Computational Thinking and Blooms Taxonomy

A poster which cross references the concepts of computational thinking with Bloom’s hierarchy of thinking skills.

what is computational thinkingCover2.fw.png

What is Computational Thinking?

A poster to promote the key concepts of computational thinking!

Digital FootprintCover.fw.png

What Does Your Digital Footprint Say About You?

A poster to promote awareness of how digital footprints are created. Aimed at KS3 students.