How Does Rob-Bot! Help Develop Computational Thinking Skills?

How Does Rob-Bot! Help Develop Computational Thinking Skills?


If you have visited any of my social media channels recently, you would have certainly seen that I have been really excited to launch my first ever Computational Thinking Game: Rob-Bot!

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How does it work?

Rob-Bot! consists of a pack of 57 playing cards, each of which contains 8 different characters or objects (there are 57 characters and objects to find in total). Each card contains one character or object which matches to one in every other card in the pack. I actually used a python algorithm in order to work out how to do this! Although there are several ways you can play this game, a normal game will follow these steps:

Normal game (2-4 players)

  1. Deal out all the cards.

  2. The player to the left of the dealer starts by placing down their card.

  3. The other player(s) must identify a character or object that is both on the card that has been placed down and their own card.

  4. Once identified, the player must state which character or object is the same and place down the card.

  5. The player who gets rid of cards the first wins.


But how does it actually help develop Computational Thinking skills? Heres the breakdown:

  • Decomposition: Identifying specific characters and objects on the cards.

  • Pattern Recognition: Searching for and finding the same character or object on your card and the card in play.

  • Abstraction: Dismissing and filtering out characters and objects on your card that don’t match those on the card in play.

  • Algorithm Design: Develop and refine the technique of searching for and identifying the matching characters and objects.

Rob-Bot! is available to download from both my TES SHOP and my TPT SHOP. Also, check out my promotional YouTube advert below!

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